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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mere Trinkets

My inspiration is beauty captured in one medium or another.  I love being with artists, hearing about their take on beauty or art--their production techniques--breathing the same air.

I learned jewelry making as a student--using pure silver.  I loved working with the materials--putting my heart and soul in the process.  I love it more now, and I'm more vested in it.

I enjoy seeing what other artists are doing, especially on Etsy...it helps me continue with my journey.

Many people have helped me, supported me, and loved me through this process. Thank you so much!

Thanks for looking! Stop by my site anytime on Etsy.

Mere Trinkets on Etsy:  www.etsy.com/shop/meretrinkets
Visit my and my husband's vintage shop on Etsy:  www.etsy.com/shop/picksfromthepast
And check out my daughter's shop on Etsy:  www.etsy.com/shop/AmyKoceeDesigns

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