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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I can't believe it's 2012!

Today, someone who lives in a nearby town asked me to meet them at Panera so she could see my jewelry in person. I'm thrilled to do this. So come on down!

Also, today, a friend and customer came by my house to see if I could help her repurpose some of her grandmother's jewelry.  Her pieces were great, but only one piece was beaded.  It's easy to repurpose beaded things, but she had several pins.  We found some creative ways to use those too.

One thing you can do is insert 1" wide wire ribbon through the back of the pin's pin. :) This makes adorable bracelets. Or you can loop both ends of the ribbon through the pin and catch the ribbons back through the looped end of the bracelet.  This makes a nice connection to hold the piece in place for a necklace.

She also had a gorgeous glass canes necklace she bought in San Francisco.  Wow...big chunks of blue glass. But, sadly, one of the chunks broke in half.  We decided that a fake flower would be cute inserted in the broken area, or one of her grandmother's pins.  Also, we thought about braiding fabric together and intertwining it around the necklace.  It was a fun and creative time.  And my favorite things are fun and creating new things.  (Besides the usual:  Family, pets, etc.)

I love giving new life to old jewelry and I do it a lot.  So anytime you feel like bringing your broken bits of costume jewelry to me for new life, I'm game.  Just leave me a note here and I'll get back to you.

Happy Wednesday!

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