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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Now the holidays are really on us.  I know, because the pressure starts building up and I wonder if I've eaten too much candy.  Then, I realize that's the same feeling I get several weeks before my birthday.  It doesn't go away until the (what seems like a zillion) family birthdays are over in January. Then, I can drink my tea without the other head on my shoulder telling me I need to get busy--something I find hard to do unless I'm making something and then I turn into marathon woman.

So much for all that blah, blah, I need to change the subject to jewelry...handmade jewelry, most notably from my shop, because, yes, it is holiday time and you may be interested in some of my things. 

As you know, I love the ETHNIC stuff. I wish I could be happy with doing pearls and crystal and sterling silver but I don't last with that stuff.  I like to paint on my things and add bits and pieces to everything.  And with ethnic jewelry you get color, texture, history, charm, drama, mystery and tons of other stuff.

So, without any further ado, if you're online during the season, I'm going to have the Black Friday Sale on Etsy from November 23 to 26.  I'll have 20% off everything.  So might want to peek in and see what's there for your gift list.  Also, doing the 20% off for Cyber Monday.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by yet again.  And you have my sincerest wishes for a beautiful and blessed holiday!

Escaramuza Pendant Necklace


Beaded Posey Necklace


Take My Heart Necklace


  1. I love your pendants! You are always so creative!

    1. This message was in limbo and not one I'd want to miss. Thank you so much, Dry Gulch! I love you guys. You're my jewelry heroes. I just bask in your wonderful support.