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Saturday, March 16, 2013

A teeny-tiny bit behind...

Well, it's obvious I haven't been blogging for several months.  There have been a few health issues that involved running back and forth every other day to doctors' offices.  Everything is fine now and hopefully I can get busy with the things that interest me so much--one of them being my love of jewelry and making it and sharing it with you--my millions of followers.  You're so many and I don't want to let you down:)

I'm starting my business Pinterest page.  I don't have everything posted, but it's started.  I can't begin to explain my love of pinning.  It's so fantastic. For one thing, I used to buy so many subscriptions to magazines and saved them creating a magazine museum in my home and now Pinterest just fills that need.  I love it!

You can check out my new site, Mere Trinkets and my personal one on Pinterest is Suzie Jackson. I have my jewelry listed and a huge showcase of other artists' jewelry and my favorites from other posts of jewelry. Plus, I've included fashion and beauty tips on my Mere Trinkets page.  I hope you'll check it out.

Here's a new item recently added to my Mere Trinkets shop.  Please feel free to stop by anytime. :)


I absolutely love using vintage beads or costume jewelry to make new things. I love sifting through all the beads to find new life for them.  Modeling her bracelets:  Kristie Tusinger
This stack of bracelets is made from repurposed beads that belonged to various people in her


  1. You're jewelry is so artistic! Love your Pinterest site as well. Great job!!

  2. Thank you, dear Anonymous! I so appreciate your support! :)