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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ba-da Bing, Ba-da Boom

Exactly.  It's all going to start tonight. Audrey will be scared--she hates the ba-da booms.  90% chance we'll have a big weather fiesta of rain and hale...so we're going to wait and see.  Weather just loves to mess with us here in the Midwest and now it seems like everywhere else on the planet too.

Our neighbor and friend left for work this morning and got a huge surprise.  A flock of wild turkeys were chowing down in the neighbors yard across the street.  And this neighbor often has his sprayer in hand.  I hope they didn't get more than they bargained for by landing in his yard for grub--I mean grub worms or whatever they were feasting on.  Our yard is very organic, nary a spray in sight, so they would have been welcome here.  Maybe they were getting a feast of nuked bugs from the spray.  What's easy isn't always what's best. Ah, well, they didn't seem to care, they flew away with full bellies and were happy for it, I suppose.

Any-who, speaking of Trinkets and the like--I'm sort of in a holding pattern for making new jewelry.  I want to make everything, but I have 236 listings on my Etsy site right now, so I'm wondering if I should switch back to painting for awhile.  It's been years of not painting because I don't have the right space or light for it.  It's just an excuse, I know.  And I long to paint when I see all the beautiful paintings on Etsy and all the great masters of art on Pinterest.  All I can say is thank God for family, pets, music and ART!!!  Hope you have a great day!

Just added these today--$10.00    
And these, too.  They're cane glass with some semi-precious gemstone chips and a dimensional medium added to make the texture more interesting. 


  1. Beautiful earrings! I love your style. Jennifer

  2. You're the best, Jennifer! I love Dry Gulch and your wonderful family of talented jewelry artists and your fun classes and your fantastic stock of beads and findings. Thank you!