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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter, Spring and Start of Baseball Season

My favorite holiday is Easter.  I'll never forget looking for Easter eggs in the beautiful newly sprouted grass. There's a certain kind we have in our yard that comes up only in Spring and it's very flamboyant with very long growth in small patches--just the right size for Easter eggs.  I wonder if it's called Easter Grass? We have hyacinths, jonquils, daffodils, and so many more Spring flowers, including lots of tulips coming in.  Beautiful.  But, I digress.  We dressed for church in lovely new clothes and my favorite--new shoes. I'm a shoe hound from birth.  No kidding.  Anyway, the Easter baskets absolutely dazzled me.  The air was fresh, the colors were beautiful, then looking for eggs after church and finally, the piece de resistance, getting the basket...glorious! Then there was Easter dinner that I really didn't care about because I was too busy eating chocolate bunnies, crème chocolates, gum drops, jelly beans and peeps.  Oh joy!

I did hear the message at church, but now it's just an overall sensation of freshness I feel when I think of Easter. Everyone says it, it's about new beginnings, everything seems fresh.  I love it!
My goose, she's so Spring-y!
Audrey waiting for Spring to Sprung!

My husband's memories of this time of year have to do with BASEBALL.  The start of the season with his beloved Cardinals.  He doesn't remember Easter baskets and candy.  He remembers the books on baseball given to him by his also beloved grandmother and the start of each new season.
  Go Cards, as he would say.

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