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Saturday, August 10, 2013

I'm Back!!!!!

I'm still here, and eager to get back to talking about my favorite "girl" thing--jewelry. I've been so busy this summer, I couldn't squeeze everything in even if I stayed up all night to do it. Well, and I went on vacation for a week and it ended up being two weeks and when I got back I spent several days a week, for an average of 4 hours each time, on the phone with AT & T.  I know you know what I'm talking about with them.  Whew!

I did fit in some time to make a few things and it's interesting to see how my color choices are evolving.  I've never been a "pink" or "blue" girl. I've always liked more ethnic and mysterious things. The pinks and blues are wholesome and flirty--the ethnic and Boho things are more arty and flirty.

My neighbor is a "pink" and "blue" girl.  And since I appear to be easily influenced by the people I'm around--not from pressure from her--just from seeing her choices--I've shifted my thinking.  I will always be drawn to the drama of the arty stuff, but I love the way the pinks and blues flatter skin. Pretty, I must say.

However, the things I've made just recently in the "pinks" and "blues" I've kept for myself and I have more Boho stuff listed on my Etsy shop.  And I've started hand-painting beads to get whatever look I want--which thrills me because I do love to paint anything and everything. And I do mean that literally.  I've even painted my frig. So you get the picture now, right?  And I don't just like to paint them, I like to give some of them a bit of an "urban decay" sort of look. And that's because some things are just too shiny. I think they need to look like they've been around for awhile. Of course, not everything should look that way, just some things, and it depends a lot on the style of the thing as to whether it needs to be knocked down a tick. Well, you'll see if you look at my shop.

I hope you've had a good summer so far. We've had the most unusual weather--again. From a disastrous tornado two years ago to Pacific Northwest weather with rain every day, several times a day. And our mosquitoes own every inch of my skin. We have an absolute army of them. They circle in in groups during the day even, which I thought was not in their plan book. They've changed because they're definitely cruising around in the am looking for blood. And they always find mine.

My inspiration for these bracelets comes from south of the border. I love this look and can't remember exactly what I saw there that inspired this in me, but it was somewhere in my memory or imagination!
These bracelets fit in the hand-painted category. 
I had so much fun with them.

This is the one that got some of that "urban decay" look I was
talking about.  This is a necklace BTW!
This bracelet looks great on! The pic is a little dark but these dangles are beautiful pinks and plums with shell, wood, sea glass, pearls, gemstones, and more.
Size 7.5".

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