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Friday, September 13, 2013

I have to admit that I'm not an everyday blogger person.  I'm good at once a month or so, but it isn't because I don't want to blog more.  I really do, especially with the Fall 2013 season here upon us and fashion week just behind us, I spend a lot of time looking at what's out there and always end up liking Ralph Lauren's line for street wear.  And if I could go around in evening gowns, I have some real favorites.  If you're interested in fashion, too, please check out my Mere Trinkets site on Pinterest. It's just about fashion--clothing and accessories, beauty tips, jewelry designs--mine and many others and it's my guide for what to wear. Doing this is giving me confidence in my own style.

I haven't had that much time for my fall creations, but interestingly enough, they're turning out to be beachy, but that doesn't mean (to me) that they're for summer wear.  I've made some things that definitely can go into winter, but that doesn't matter either, because personal style comes from wearing what you want to wear when you want to wear it. The only key I see is to have the basics right and then accessorizing is a whiz.

Shell, Mother of Pearl, Leaves on Antiqued Copper Drop
One thing I like to encourage us to do more is not go so matchy-matchy with our accessories and outfits.  I know that gets a little complicated if you're wearing lots of prints. My point is that if you're wearing black it looks better to put any color accessories with it besides black, with a few exceptions. Any other color adds so much interest to this way of dressing. It's like we don't wear black shoes with our black clothes now--we wear nude shoes or red shoes--even brown shoes--that sort of thing. I'd like you to think about it because you'll be blown away by the difference. And doing this makes your wardrobe look new and trendy every time.

Oh, yes, and I have a confession to make.  I'm a vegetarian and won't eat meat, one, because I love animals too much and, two, because it's deathly--very bad for the heart and brain. But I'm crazy in love with shoes and bags, so you'll see a lot of them on my boards in Pintrest. They're just for you and just for art's sake. I love to look at them so much. Plus, I have a giant shoe fetish.

I've been reading a lot about what to do with your leather stuff that you already have and the consensus among the veggie types is that we should wear those we've already purchased or donate them and abstain from buying them in the future.  This will be my route. If you say you're vegan and you're sporting leather, people see a contradiction there. Also, I mention this because I use leather cord with some of my jewelry.  That will stop too, unfortunately, because it's so beautiful.

Anyway, that's off my chest, now I can move on to some of my stuff for fall. It's a motley crew right now. I'll be adding much more, so keep in touch!



Cha Cha Bracelet for Fall 2013

My first all shell bracelet.
Well, captions aren't working for me right now, so I'll just give you the link so you can peruse new stuff at your leisure.  Happy Fall!


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