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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hi, remember me?  I'm the one who has trouble keeping up. Others do it with no problem.  I know several women who run large businesses that have time for newsletters and their blogs, inventory, accounting, and the rest and take care of their families and they make it seem effortless. Jennifer LaVite from Dry Gulch Beads comes to mind.  I'm truly jealous...some people are just super human. 

Well, this blog is definitely maintained by a human. So here it is, many months later. I have to say my biggest problem is getting through the holidays. They seem to overwhelm me.  Last year I was way ahead of the game.  This year not so much. But I discovered some things to do that are fun for me and these will be included in my inventory of jewelry. 

As an artist, I love to paint and I've always been a mixed-media sort of gal. I remember in art school doing a painting that included shoe polish.  I tend to use whatever I can find to get the look of something I really like. For the most part, it's the innocent paint, nothing toxic. So that's good--the painting I was referring to earlier doesn't count in this scenario. We don't have to wear paintings!



I hope you're recovering from the holidays, too, and getting back in your groove.  That's my goal, too.
I haven't made a ton of new stuff but I've made a few and will now present them to you. BTW, if you're anything like us in the Midwest, your weather is crazier than a loon. Hang in there!



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